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The management and team members at Speedrack Products Group have long recognized the importance of "green" initiatives in all our processes. Not only because it is the right thing to do for our environment but because it is also the most cost effective production path for the benefit of our customers. Beginning with an energy study commissioned in 2005 we began applying our core lean principles with a task force to focus on energy and our impact on the environment. Some of the programs in place to date include the following.

  • Over 70% of the content in our finished product comes from recycled materials. This not only helps the environment but also yields higher quality components.
  • Company wide recycling efforts have reduced our trash to landfills by over 60% with an ultimate goal of 0% landfill output.
    • All cardboard, paper and plastic is recycled
    • All metals scrap is sorted by type and recycled
    • All batteries from watch size to lift trucks batteries are recycled.
    • Ink cartridges are refilled or recycled
  • Significant energy saving programs have been implemented
    • Lighting has been converted to fluorescent.
    • Low volume areas utilize motion sensors.
    • Manufacturing processes have been analyzed and modified to reduce heat requirements and the related energy consumption.
    • Airflow equipment has been installed around heat generating processes to disperse heat in the summer and re-capture in the winter to reduce facility heating cost and gas consumption.
    • Process chemicals that contain phosphates, a common part of metals manufacturing and painting, have been removed not only eliminating phosphates but reducing energy consumption as well.
  • All paint processes have been converted to powder coat eliminating waste from overspray and any related chemical discharge.
  • Indoor air quality is tested regularly and meets or exceeds OSHA air quality limits.
  • Speedrack does not generate any recordable emissions.