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Speedrack Cantilever is unequaled for furniture storage!

Strength, unobstructed access to products, and quick assembly make it the best rack available anywhere.

Our unique column/base and arm/decking systems are field bolted and mechanically fastened resulting in very significant ease and economy of handling, shipping and assembly. This versatility coupled with our strong, clean cantilever design can be a handsome asset to your operation.

Benefits and Features:

  • Two inch vertical arm adjustability
  • Fast, foolproof assembly
  • Ease and economy in handling, shipping and assembly
  • Full range of sizes
  • Tubular steel construction with fully closed uprights
  • Deck widths up to 72"
  • No aisle columns to be damaged or to obstruct storage operations.
  • Double or single faced racks
  • Maximum cube space utilization

Cantilever with Wire Mesh Deck