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Truly efficient storage of long, bulky items is achieved with this versatile, high capacity cantilever rack. It is designed to handle difficult items such as steel bars, wood planks, tubes, sheets, etc. Cantilever rack with its absence of columns at the rack face, offers easy entry access. With the system's easy assembly, it is installed quickly and can easily be rearranged to fit future growth or expansion.

Benefits and Features:

  • Versatility - A wide range of arm lengths and capacities with vertical adjustability on 4" increments along entire upright column height, 12" above the base.
  • Rigid - Base is bolted with high strength bolts and welded stiffeners.
  • Double Capacity - All columns are punched both sides for single or double sided storage.
  • Arm Column Connection - All arms are rigidly bolted to column with four (4) 3/4" grade 8 bolts and hardened washers.
  • Easy, Fast, Durable Installation - Fully interchangeable with industry structural cantilever.
  • Quality Finish - Powder coated tough.
  • Quality - Made from hot rolled high strength wide flange and I beam shapes for superior durability.
  • Arms - Arms are available in several slopes to meet all customer needs.
  • Accessories - A full line of fixed and removable end stops for arms and bases.
  • Heavy Duty Capacities - 140,000# on double-sided column and arm capacities up to 15,000#.