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Quality commitment

Speedrack Products Group, LTD utilizes a process for investigating quality problems and implementing effective corrective (or preventive) action that includes the following steps:

  • Identification and description of the nonconforming condition
  • Decision whether the request for corrective (or preventive) action is appropriate to the extent of the problem and weighed against the potential risks encountered
  • Formal request for corrective (or preventive) action including identification of responsible Manager
  • Plan for implementing corrective (or preventive) action, including a reasonable deadline
  • Verification that the corrective (or preventive) action is effectively implemented

Measuring and test equipment, comparative references (such as gauges and templates), and test software used for verification of products and for controlling production processes are regularly calibrated and/or checked.

Received raw goods and in- process product are checked using various tools:

  • Go/no-go gauges and samples are used to ensure proper fit and function where applicable
  • First piece inspections are done after each new set-up and at the beginning of each shift
  • When applicable, quality concerns are identified prior to production and quality assurance check sheets are distributed
  • Error-proofing techniques are fully utilized throughout the facility whenever possible

Lean Six Sigma Practices

Continuous improvement projects, rigid 5-S program and Kaizen events are in regular practice in the Quincy facility. By utilizing metrics such as OEE on a daily basis downtime is monitored and reduced. Significant change-over times on mills and paint lines have been reduced significantly and are now measured in minutes instead of hours.